Z-one Rubber Dagger Prop Knife Harmless Safe Fake Knife


  • No need to worry about accidentally cutting or stabbing yourself or others with this 100% safe rubber knife.
  • Reality: This 10.5-inch-long rubber knife is an excellent accessory for any costume. It has a very realistic appearance and is suitable for playing games in any activity.
  • Our prop daggers are light and portable and are not easily damaged. It can be used in any costume for parties or performances! It includes a green rubber dagger.
  • Classic gifts: especially interesting and novel gifts, such as fun fake weapons for children and adults! It is an excellent choice for disguise, Halloween, theater props, school plays, video props, and jokes.
  • The shape of the grip contour on the handle can prevent the rubber dagger from being placed in the hand, making the handle comfortable and suitable to be held in the hand!


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