Viking Leather Armor


  • Wear your Viking leather armor, control the Viking compass on the double dragon head boat, and point the right way for you. For Vahalla, become a Viking warrior!
  • OUTSTANDING DESIGN: Everyone should wear the same size. You can adjust the laces and buckles to fit your body size. The chest is engraved with a Nordic amulet, Vegvisir, and a dragon boat. This Viking armor is quite nice and effectively conveys the Viking spirit.
  • VERSATILE ACCESSORIES: This medieval armor is ideal for Viking parties, LARP, teenagers/adults Cosplay, All Saints Eve, Halloween, fancy looks, a Cossack costume, nativity costumes, and historical reenactments.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEAS: Surprise your mother on Mother’s Day, your father on Father’s Day, or a friend on Christmas or their birthday.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: This adjustable leather armor is of high quality and comes with 24-hour online support. Then Amazon Gift wrap is a good option for you.


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