Toferner Original Gift, Beautiful Product Celtic Pocket Knife


  • 3.39-inch overall length, 1.97-inch blade length, and 0.98-inch blade width
  • FEEL CONFIDENT IN YOUR PURCHASE: Toferner provides the best quality as well as the best customer service! With a money-back guarantee, a two-year warranty, and a replacement policy, you have every reason to place your order right away!
  • THE IDEAL GIFT IDEA FOR ART FANS: Are you looking for the perfect present once more? If you give this gift, you will be remembered for your choice! A vintage valuable can always be proudly displayed as a one-of-a-kind ornament!
  • LOVERS OF THE PAST: While no time machine can transport you back in time, holding this knife will make you feel like you’re in antiquity! Just looking at its hand forged design and the genuine leather case will take your mind off things!
  • A MUST FOR ANY ART COLLECTION: Whether you like knives or antiques in general, you should definitely add it to your collection! Handcrafted items may become extinct in the near future! Make sure you get yours and donate it to the family heirloom before it’s too late!


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