Sanyi Chopping Axe Splitting Hatchet for Wood Splitting and Kindling


  • Full length: 15 inches; blade length: 4.13 inches; head length: 5.9 inches; handle length: 12.59 inches; head weight: 560 grams; overall weight: 800 grams 45# steel, ashtree wood
  • Universal One-handed Axe: The handle on this camping axe is relatively short, measuring 14.5 inches in length.
  • When splitting and chopping logs, it means business.
  • It’s also useful for making kindle wood.
  • The curved ashtree handle is comfortable to hold and use.
  • It feels more natural to swing an axe with a curved handle.
  • Because of its one-handed design, it is ideal for light duty chopping and splitting.
  • Its small size also makes it ideal for camping trips.
  • Axe blade is thin, and the steel head of the axe widens upward in a fan shape from the center. The axe head’s shape allows it to easily split the firewood in half. It also includes a leather cover to keep the blade safe. The blade’s edge is very sharp and may break the cover during transportation. Please be cautious.
  • When the axe is received, it cannot be used immediately. First and foremost, it arrives fairly blunt and will require some sharpening before efficiently cutting through even small branches. Make a habit of lightly sharpening the axe blade before and after use; this will keep the axe in top shape at all times. Furthermore, keep your axe in a dry place to prevent rusting and rotting of the wooden handle.
  • Conditions:This axe is powerful enough to cut down small trees while also performing other minor tasks such as trail clearing, bushcraft, and preparing wood for a campfire.
  • The axe is small and should not be used to fell large trees.
  • Because of its small size, it can be easily carried anywhere and fits comfortably in a bag.


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