LOOYAR PU Foam Vikings Viking Age Middle Ages Medieval Round Shield


  • Only hand wash
  • Viking shield and axe in vibrant colors. It is thought that no Viking should be without his shield. Round shields, contrary to popular belief, were neither clumsy nor cumbersome, especially in the hands of a skilled warrior. They were frequently used to deflect sword blows and can also be used as a blunt weapon to throw enemies off balance. Hand Axe – The Berserker’s weapon of choice, which they wield in both hands. Their size allows them to be easily swung one after the other or thrown at enemies.
  • Shield and axe are ideal costumes. Ideal for theatrical productions, Halloween celebrations, costume parties, and dress-up play, among other things. The shield and axe would be ideal for a local Renaissance Festival, backyard brawls between friends, LARP events, or historical reenactments. Full Size for a True Gentleman. Dimensions of the shield: 23.6″Diameter x 0.9″H. Dimensions of the axe: 25.4″L x 5.5″W x 0.14″H.
  • Not at all flimsy. Made of high-quality PU foam with realistic wood and metal coloration.
  • The ornament that is one-of-a-kind. The shield and axe toy will draw attention to your home or office. It will immediately draw the attention of your guests if placed in a corner.
  • Excellent Gift for Fans of Ancient Warfare. It would make an impressive decoration in the study of any history buff who is interested in Viking and medieval equipment.


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