LARP Foam Viking Sword


As you raise our Silver Knotwork Viking LARP Sword high above your head, your enemies will be terrified. This foam sword, made of dense latex foam with a unique fiberglass fusion core, should be in your arsenal. The guard is accented with a twisted braid knotwork design, and the pommel has a unique lobated shape that creates a realistic shape for this foam LARP weapon. This broad-bladed LARP sword is inspired by the weapons used by Norse warriors, offering a flexible and lightweight form ideal for LARP battle in a variety of ways while still looking like a Viking weapon. Key Characteristics: LARP sword that is lightweight and flexible Iconic Vikings seek realistic roleplaying. Knotwork on the guard and pommel is one-of-a-kind. Genuine combatant blade design Ideal for use in LARP, cosplay, and costumes. Material: Made of dense latex foam It has a fiberglass fusion core.



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