LARP Foam Knight sword


When wielding our Veteran Knight LARP Sword, duty and honor come easily. Swing this latex foam sword with ease as you lead your warriors on the battlefield. It is made of solid latex foam and features a one-of-a-kind fiberglass fusion core. Because it is lightweight and flexible, this foam blade is a hazardous primary weapon. This foam weapon features a worn hilt and a guard that is softly slanted towards the blade, as well as a rounded grip for a comfortable grip. The silver blade with a lengthy fuller contributes to the authentic appearance of this medieval-style LARP weapon, making it suited for a range of occasions. Our foam knight sword is a fantastic addition to your LARP kit and a terrifying weapon to use against an opponent. Key Characteristics: LARP sword that is lightweight and long-lasting. Weaponry inspired by history The realistic blade is complemented with a worn hilt. The guard is tilted slightly towards the blade. The grip provides a secure hold. Ideal for use with LARP, cosplay, and costumes. Material: Made of solid latex foam with a fiberglass fusion core



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