Foam Prince Sword Toy Set Party Supplies


  • Each set includes a variety of foam swords with blue and yellow handles and red and blue hand-covered handles. Ideal for distinguishing different team activity competitions. Action-packed sword play excitement for your children’s outdoor entertainment.
  • Perfect for class plays or playing make-believe games like stealthy ninjas, scary pirates, brave knights, warriors, and vikings! It’s the ideal pastime activity for at-home or school recess.
  • Slay the competition with these 16-inch active fun toy foam swords “inches in length Because the toy swords are made of foam, they are soft enough for play battles and come in a variety of colors with grey blades. Makes an excellent Halloween costume for children as a warrior knight.
  • A fun and interactive party favor that will be a hit at any birthday party. The only active hot toys that kids will enjoy and remember. Make them the go-to party games, children’s activities, and swimming pool toys. Combine these with fun favors such as sports balls, pool toys, water guns, and other novelty birthday party favors.
  • Each sword is 16 inches long “inches in length Every order comes with a set of 12 foam swords. These toy foam swords are sturdy yet soft, making them child-friendly and safe.


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