Dreki Megin Draknir The Scale Knife – The Foam Throwing LARP Knife


  • concerning this item
    MATERIAL: SOFT FOAM It is made of a SAFE & STURDY & FLEXIBLE & SOFT Foam material, Coreless, with no hardcore inside, and Coating and lovingly hand painted by artists at Dreki Megin.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Overall length is 25cm/10inch.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a safety foam battle knife, a LARP knife, a foam toy knife, not a real knife, and it is not aggressive. Non-lethal, no real function, only a dummy!!! Only for dummies!!! Only for dummies!!!
  • AUDIENCE: It is an amazing addition to any costume, scaring everyone with how realistic it looks. It can be a great choice for Dreki Megin warriors of all ages, from children to teenagers and adults.
  • SUBJECT: Suitable for LARP, solo practice, training and demonstrations, collection, cosplay, halloween,costume prop, outdoor war game, and activity toys.


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