Assorted Foam Toy Swords for Children with Different Designs


  • It’s perfect for imaginative outdoor play at home, rainy day activities, birthday party games, and a Halloween costume party. A set of stylized toy foam swords for children’s medieval play.
  • With eight distinct sword designs, including ninja, pirate, warrior, and Viking swords. A colorful and fun set of eight foam swords. Birthday party supplies are essential for your next backyard barbecue, beach party, and many kids party games.
  • These children’s toys are ideal for school plays, theater props, pirate costumes for Halloween, and party favors. As the main accessory, it complements a child’s pirate costume. Make them the go-to party games, children’s activities, and swimming pool toys.
  • Because the toy swords are made of thin layered felt material, they are light weight and soft enough for play fight battles. With these active fun toy foam swords, you can slash the competition. Make a great kids warrior knight halloween costume with the eight different designed blades and creative themes and accessories.
  • Each sword ranges in length from 15″ to 17″. Small children will find it comfortable, light, and safe. Put them in a kid’s toy box with sports balls and use them as ninja toys, pirate toys, and birthday party favors. (Age 3+ recommended).


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